Bishop Kerry Brooks was born in San Antonio, Texas. He attended schools in the Los Angeles area from Elementary School through Graduate School. He attended UCLA and he achieved one Bachelor, two Masters and a Doctorate from the California Graduate School of Theology. This high achieving man of God was born again and became a dedicated Christian at age 10 at South Main Street Church of God. He has multiple ordinations and multiple certifications.

He worked as restaurant worker, Engineer, then Educator, teaching at various levels from community colleges to UCLA. Bishop Brooks was a Youth Leader, and eventually became Senior Pastor at Compton First Church of God. His dedication to healing the family caused him to follow the Holy Spirit into private practice as a Family and Christian Marriage Counselor.

His ability to speak about the family  and to bring healing to the family called him throughout the United States and through the World. He was ordained as a Minister by the Prelate, Bishop Charles Blake and eventually, he was ordained as Bishop in the International Gospel Deliverance Center by Apostle Prince A. Miles.

He now serves as an International Bishop to India, Africa, Haiti, Mexico and the United States. He is also Bishop of his own home and is happily married to Ruthie for 52 years. His two sons and daughter have produced eleven grandchildren all of whom serve in the house of God as well as Bishop Brooks. A praying man enjoy serving the Lord by serving his fellow man. His power source comes from obeying the word of God, staying connected to Holy men and women teaching Godly principles for successful living.

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